Carlton Hotel

corner of Broadway & Elm The concept for this historic property, previously a hotel from 1954 to 1971, aims to revitalize it into a dynamic residential building with up to 100 modern apartment units. The project plans to bring retail space to the street level, adding more life and energy to downtown.

Holley Motor Co.

236 S Broadway Ave. The concept for the former Holley Motor Car Dealership includes transforming multiple acres on Broadway Street into a vibrant communal space serving as a gateway to downtown. With incredible Art Deco detailing and a “Front Porch” feel, it would aim to create an open and inviting area with potential for food […]

Lindsey Building

123 S Broadway Ave. The Lindsey Building is a concept that will bring together nightlife, dining, residential living, co-working spaces and more in a historic property featuring 56 units. This development envisions a vibrant community hub that seamlessly integrates various aspects of urban life while preserving downtown’s rich history. View Concept Document