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We're starting with downtown.

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It’s hard to identify progress when it just looks like construction

Without information,
it’s easy to feel:


Out of the loop

Worried your hometown will fall behind

Be informed
Be Invested
Believe in Tyler

Tyler is creating an image that reflects who we are as a city. Create Tyler is a partnership between the City of Tyler, Fitzpatrick Architects, and 14Forty that reveals that vision with information about projects and buildings that propel Tyler’s growth and impact local culture.

Rediscover the rose city

Click on a new building, renovation, or road closure to see what Tyler is building.

We’re starting with Downtown (for now):
East Locust Street south to Front Street.

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(Potential projects)

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Completed Projects

Your RoadMap

On-site signs

When you see the Create Tyler rose on a project around town, it’s your invitation to learn more about what Tyler is building. Just scan the QR code!

Social Media

Our social media takes you beyond the building projects on our website with:

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